Experimental art and music by Spencer Keller

A heightened sense of lacking

Bietmuzik, a new release, a collection of beatmusic.

Woah man your latest album is fucking insane, niiiiiiice work!

Much thanks, Cervidae!  So glad you like it!

- I could probably say some things about this, but I’d rather hear what you think. This thing is a project that I just finished, a droney thing that ascends to rhythm. A dark thing that ascends to light. It’s free to download, but you can pay if you like.



Bands in a Van Kickstarter

Portland people!  Take a look at this kickstarter and pledge if it seems interesting!  I really think this is a great idea and it has a ton of potential.  They have 29 days left to raise $6,500.  Let’s see if we can help ‘em out!  Please spread the word and pledge if you can!  Follow this link to check out the Kickstarter!

Bands in a Van is a video web series based in Portland Oregon featuring local musicians trying to make it big. We will sit down with the band in our van-studio lovingly named Hot Donna for an interview, before putting on a free concert! Please help up spread the word and raise funds to make this idea a reality!



-Almost Hue-man

-Almost Hue-man


Layers of collaboration for the album art of Compound Colors.

  1. 3D Vector - Spencer Keller
  2. Illustrator Edit - Patrick Perez (SFR1 INTL) 
  3. Data Bend & Final Edit - Me

So glad I could work on this project!  Really like how it all came together.